Puppy's New Family
Brett & Lisa have adopted Chester and taken him to his new home in Illinois.

"We're so happy with him and pleased with his sweet personality.  I think I finally have my 'lap dog'." Brett & Lisa
These pictures are of Wendy with her big sister Buttons.  Anna Lee has adopted Wendy and taken her to her new home here in Missouri.

"They are doing so well!" Anna Lee
This is Sergeant Dooley Basher ("Basher" for short) with his buddy Elmo.  He has found a wonderful family here in Missouri.

"Just wanted you all to know that Dr. Schnidter says our new member is healthy and very cute."  Tina
"He especially likes going outside.  Anytime we head for the door he is hot on our heels.  He also likes to go for rides in the car or on the lawn mower.  Calvin asks him if he wants to mow, and he runs to the lawn mower.  If we get the keys out and ask him if he wants to GO, he heads for the car."  Calvin & Leslee
Brett & Lisa have now adopted Maddie and taken her to Illinois to meet her big brother Chester.

"We are so happy we decided to get Maddie.  She is quite the little cuddle bug.  Thanks for providing us with two of the most adorable and loving doxies!"  Lisa & Brett
Brian & Dan have adopted Jonnie and taken him home to his big brother Frankie here in Missouri.

"I'm going to have to get used to having a baby in the house.  Frankie is playing with Jonnie a lot more.  It's so cute the way they're getting along."  Brian
Alex & family have adopted Cooper and taken him across the country to be with his new big brother Benson in California.

"What a cutie!  We are always getting comments.  He has fit in great with our family, our other doxie, plus our cats."  Alex
Gracie May
Katie, Jon & DJ have adopted Gracie May and taken her to her new home here in Missouri.  The pictures above are of her with her best buddy DJ.

"Gracie May and DJ are best friends.  They play all the time.  She is always running around and can't stand to be in a room by herself.  She is always right under our feet.  She sits under DJ's highchair and waits for him to drop food on the floor.  When he is down for a nap she tries to get on the couch with him, but she hasn't figured out how to jump up there yet. "  Katie & Jon
Chester & Maddie
Brother & Sister
"We celebrated Chester's first birthday yesterday.  They are definitely spoiled, but they are the sweetest and most loving pair.  In the last month, we started crating Chester & Maddie together at night and that seems to be working out wonderfully!  Chester is in obedience classes and is doing great! "  Lisa & Brett
"T-Rex loves his new sister.  They love to play with each other.  I call the back of the couch Pearl's perch because she loves to perch up there and sleep or watch out the window.  She and T-Rex both love to ride in the car.  As you can see from the pictures, they like to prop themselves on the dash in order to see out the window.  We love them so much.  They have brought so much laughter and joy to our lives." Calvin and Leslee
"He has been a bit timid with the other puppies, but he is starting to come out of his shell.  He and Pearl love the play.  T-Rex has been a bit jealous, but he is starting to get used to Vader."  Calvin & Leslee
T-Rex, Pearl & Vader
Brother, Sister & Brother
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"Our puppies are top of the hill!"
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