Puppy's New Family
Linda has adopted Dudley and taken him to his new home in Washingon state.

"He loves to prance around on his hind legs like a bear!  He weighs 5.1# now and is really a delight.  I'm delighted with him.  He's a real sweety!" Linda


Just checking to let you know how Dudley is doing.  He is such a love!  Full of the devil and getting along well with my other two dogs, now that he's a bit bigger.  He weighs 6# 8 oz and has stayed at that for awhile now so I'm thinking that will be his weight.  He seems very healthy.

His ears are a bit crooked and when he's excited he holds up the right ear.  I'm attempting to send you a picture showing how funny it looks.  Hope it works.

Also he went camping with me for a week and I'm including a picture of that.  He was a great little camper and slept very quietly with me in the tent at night, all cuddled up on top of the sleeping bag. 

I'm enjoying the heck out of him!


Silke & Robert have adopted Casper and taken him to his new home in New Mexico.

Hershey & Peanut
"Hi Pat, I hope this letter finds you all well in Richland. Just wanted to let you know the boys (Hershey and Peanut) are doing well. I have attached a couple of photo's of the two boys sleeping in the kitchen. These guys are just a joy to our family. Claire has really done a good job of caring for them. The only complaint I have is that my wife Colleen pays more attention to these little guys than me (ha ha!!). Anyway you take care and let me know how you guys are doing. Thank you and God Bless you and your family."  Marty
"Our puppies are top of the hill!"
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"Pat, Hi there!  I wanted to update you on Lil Babe 1, now named Molly.  She is doing great since we picked her up Saturday.  She cries a little at night, but that is getting better each night.  She had her vet checkup today and everything was fine.  She has been going outside for potty time everytime now since Sunday afternoon.  She has even scratched the back door to go out the last 2 times!  She's such a sweetheart - we all love her so much and are so glad we found you! Here are some pictures. Thanks again for breeding and raising a great puppy!"  Aimee
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