Spooky has been adopted by Joe and Claudia and gone to Illinois.

"When he sees us his tail wags so hard his whole body moves side to side. When he has to go out in the morning he'll start by standing in front of my face on the bed. If that doesn't work he'll lick my nose and if I'm still asleep he'll progress to nibbling my ear then eventually I'll get a paw to the face until I take him out.

He shot up fast too. He's now 10 inches to the top of his shoulders. His legs grew so fast he creaked when he walked but that's gone away now and he runs like the wind. He goes out in the morning and chases rabbits from the yard.

The pictures we're sending are of him when we fist brought him home, wearing his Halloween costume, and a few days ago with him playing with Scarlett and sitting long enough to take a picture. There's also one where he's sleeping with Nicky, one of Claudia'sboys.

Thanks again for letting us have him. We adore this little boy and so does everyone else.."   Joe and Claudia
Puppy's New Family
Dawn & Cailyn have adopted Maggie.  She has made her new home in Texas.

"We have been enjoying having her as our newest addition and she is adjusting and fitting in well!" Dawn
Nietzsche has been adopted by Tanya and Brad and gone to Indiana.

"We adore Nietzsche!  He is such a sweetheart and always keeps us smiling.  He finally knows his name and has learned to sit on command!  Thank you so much!  We are very very pleased."  Tanya

"I just wanted to send you some new pictures of Nietzsche!  He has turned out to be a wonderful little boy!!  Along with ringing the bell to go outside, he can now sit, shake, and lay down!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures."   Tanya
Fancy has been adopted by Gidget & Genevieve and gone to Virginia.

"We just wanted to say hi and tell you how much we’re enjoying her and how well she is doing.  She just turned 5 months, and we’re currently working with her in an 8 week puppy obedience class.  She is very smart and able to learn commands easily.  She is a well-traveled girl already—she’s been to New York City and down to Louisiana to see family.  She was skinny for a long time but is now filling out.  At last weigh-in she was 4.2 pounds.  I am attaching some pictures so you can see how beautiful she is."  Gidget & Genevieve
John and his family have adopted Rascal and gone to Texas.

"His name is Rascal and he's a happy little boy.  He has two Shitzus and four Maine Coon cats to play with (more like torment).
He loves to fetch and his favorite game is tug of war.  Here are some pictures of Rascal.  He has made friends with all of the other pets in the house.  He picked on them until they finally gave in.  Phantom is our motherly cat. She treats him like a kitten."   John
"Hi, Pat.  I just wanted to drop in and let you know how my little Penelope is doing.  She is adjusting quite well.  Getting along great with all the rest of the family.  We weren't too sure about my Australian Shepherd Baylee at first, but Penelope has totally won her over.  She is growing like a weed and is in that awkward stage where she pops every time she moves.  I was a little concerned until my vet assured me it was perfectly normal when they are growing so fast.  She is shedding out her puppy fuzz and getting in her longer hair.  She is complimented everywhere we go.  Everyone just thinks she is so beautiful.  We have been working on potty training and are doing exceptionally well in that department.  I was actually expecting to have some trouble, but she is so smart.  I work doing in-home care with the elderly, and she (Penelope) has become my everyday companion.  My clients adore her, and she is doing them so much good.  She knows what she is doing too.  She is on her absolute best behavior while at work and has made it her mission to put smiles on their faces.  You did an amazing job with her.  I could not have asked for a better baby.  She is so sweet and loving that it just shows that you care about your animals."  ~*Sara*~
"Hi Pat, I send you the picture of Taffy.  He is now five month old, and he is six and half pound. He is very funny, friendly and sweet dog.  We love him a lot. Everybody likes him because Taffy is very friendly.  He likes to play in backyard with us."   Bernadeta
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